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Our Principles

Our mission is to empower municipalities, residents, and businesses to own and share renewable energy, create healthier buildings, and join in community wealth-building to strengthen the resilience of the Hudson Valley in the face of climate change.

Mid-Hudson Energy Transition

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is for every Mid-Hudson resident to be supplied with local renewable, affordable energy and enjoy clean air and water. We envision every Mid-Hudson resident having an affordable home and workplace that is free of harmful environmental toxins and fossil fuels, as well as the freedom to stay or migrate. We believe in consciously empowering the community to make judgments about its energy future and institutionalizing community control.

Our Values

Our organization is committed to upholding the following values:

  • Energy Democracy: we strive to increase knowledge, ownership, and local control of energy systems.
  • Energy Justice: we prioritize populations that have been historically harmed, such as Black, Indigenous, People of Color and low-income communities, and renters.
  • Resilience: we aim to build the capacity to survive climate disruptions.
  • Cooperation: we believe in working across differences to arrive at shared, beneficial outcomes.
  • Prosperity: we go beyond surviving, but thriving, in a regenerative economy.
  • Innovation: we are constantly creating new ideas, solutions, and systems.

Our Core Strategies

  1. We accomplish our mission through the active involvement of communities and their elected and grassroots leaders, with particular emphasis on historically marginalized and disadvantaged communities. 
  2. We organize community capacity to develop innovative, local renewable energy and efficiency projects that enable voluntary investment by residents, businesses, the municipal government, and/or local institutions to create community equity and energy security.
  3. We generate financing for homeowners, landlords, renters, and small businesses to retrofit their buildings, making them more comfortable, healthier, and less costly to operate. 
  4. We align our work with New York State’s climate goals set forth in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) in order to support municipalities in meeting statewide climate and equity goals, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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