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We focus on three main initiatives: Kingston Community Energy (KCE), Home Upgrade Grants (HUG), and Mid-Hudson Energy Equity Fund (EEF).

Kingston Community Energy: Our KCE program provides an advanced community choice aggregation program to the city of Kingston. KCE enables citywide enrollment of eligible residents and small businesses in a competitive, fixed-rate renewable electricity supply. The program also includes building decarbonization and resiliency through energy efficiency programs, electrification of transportation, and distributed energy resources. KCE prioritizes community engagement and provides education to residents on how the program works.

Home Upgrade Grants Program: MHET is launching the Home Upgrade Grants (HUG) Program in the city of Kingston that will deliver free and immediate improvements to eligible homeowners. This solution will make a difference in people’s lives, while collecting much-needed information to improve and standardize parts of the retrofit process. 

Mid-Hudson Energy Equity Fund: The Energy Equity Fund will combine philanthropic, impact investors, and non-accredited investors to allow low-income community members to access very low-interest financing and small grants to upgrade households to be safe, healthy, energy efficient, and renewable.

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